Insta-gratifying Paleo Blueberry Mason Jar Muffins

Muffins and paleo don’t usually happen in the same sentence, unless that same sentence uses the word, “Don’t.” That is, until now! Since I was having a super-duper blueberry muffin craving, I used my cake in a mug recipe ideas to recreate a pretty awesome, pretty darn near paleo blueberry muffin. (There’s also a completely Paleo version if you prefer!) You’ll be eating in less than 5 minutes. Want it? You got it. Click below.

Insta-gratifying Paleo Blueberry Mason Jar Muffins  


Insta-gratifying Paleo Blueberry Mason Jar Muffins

PicMonkey CollageOne of the hardest parts, I find, of practicing Paleo eating is being faced with those uber tempting continental breakfasts, which are a delightful array of donuts, bagels, and muffins interspersed between a couple of bananas and a few glasses of juice, pats of butter, and sugar-laden jelly.  The cravings come on strong and my will power goes out the window! But rather than paying for it all later, I came up with this little ditty of a delectable muffin – just right to soothe those muffin-y type cravings without the after effects. When I created this, I was (gasp) out of honey, so I used pure maple syrup, which is far better than sugar but not completely Paleo compliant. However, you could substitute with honey. What do you think of this?


Insta-gratifying Paleo Blueberry Mason Jar Muffins

3 Tablespoons coconut flour

3 Tablespoons coconut milk

3 Tablespoons Maple syrup (or substitute 2 Tablespoons honey + an additional Tablespoon of coconut milk)

1/4 teaspoon Baking Power (I used a ‘dash’ to be perfectly honest)

1 Egg

1 handful of frozen blueberries


Dump everything except for the blueberries in a wide mouth mason jar or a large mug. Stir it up, then gently fold in frozen blueberries or fruit of your choice. Microwave for 2 minutes. Easy as pie as so tasty!