Why Am I Here?

Hey there. My name’s Amanda. I don’t want to just get by in this life.

It hasn’t been an easy road. I’m a single mom with a gaggle of kids, a handful of chickens, and a couple of goats. I love plants, cycling, and writing. I’m trying to make a living; I’m trying to make a life.


I want to savor it, run full force into it. I want to play it, dance it, love it, share it. But it feels like I’m simultaneously running and limping, scrambling through the triathlon with a flat tire and too few friends to cheer me on.

I don’t think I chose the easy path. But everyday I am learning and moving forward, trying to live in the present while working towards the future. I want to connect fully with my family in a time when we are all too easily distracted by the electronic devices glued to our fingertips. I want to learn about our most precious resource – the earth around us, and let it safely ground me. I want to lean in to what makes me tick – a combination of passions, hobbies, hopes, dreams, failures, goals, and spirituality.

I’m looking for ways to make the mundane easier, the stressful less stress-inducing, and the busyness fade away so I can be much more present in everyday.

I hope you’ll join me as I look to find the awe and wonder in each and every day, as I seek grace, and learn to bask in love and reflect it onto others.

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