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Making every day count.

Living fully in the present while working forward to an amazing future with your family, your career, and your spirituality.


Practical ideas on connecting with your family. Realistically disconnecting from devices and reconnecting to our greatest resource – the earth.


Easy meals, cheap meals, enjoyable and healthy meals – it’s all about balance and none of the stress.


Becoming a little bit better each day. Embracing what spirituality means to you and how it can help you be a better version of yourself while embracing and loving the current version of you.

Cleaning and Chores

Nobody likes to do chores, but losing the clutter, gaining freedom, and learning to work together make the load lighter and more fun.

Ditching the Stress

Every bit of life can be stressful – let’s ditch as much of the stress as we can and learn to manage what’s left.


Above all, living in the moment with hope for the future.