Quick Look

  • Main IngredientsTomatoes, onions, peppers
  • CuisineGarden Salsa
  • CourseAppetizer
  • Level Of CookingEasy

Nutrition Facts

Fresh Garden Salsa

  • Prepairation Time: 30 minutes
  • Cooking Time:
  • Servings:
  • Category: Dips

There is nothing quite like fresh garden salsa, made with ingredients right from your own garden! There is a different kind of satiety in eating food that you have planted, nurtured, and harvested yourself. This connection to the earth gives me a new-found gratitude and appreciation for the blessings that God gives. I made quite a few batches of salsa last summer, and froze it in gallon bags (because we eat a lot of it!). You can freeze it in smaller portions if you prefer, and use it for chips, for bean dip, bake it with your chicken, or eat with eggs in lieu of ketchup. Salsa makes a great paleo friendly condiment! Here’s my rough recipe, but you can adjust it to taste.

Blanche and peel about 20 tomatoes – I used a combination of plum and steak tomatoes, basically whatever was ripe at the time.

Core and removed the seeds from 3 peppers – I used green and yellow sweet peppers

Skin 2 large onions

4 tablespoons olive oil

4 tablespoons vinegar

a dash of lime juice

Dump everything in your food processor and pulse until it’s just chunky. If you over mix it, your salsa will be too runny (I learned that the hard way!). ¬†Feel free to add in any yummy veggies you’ve got in your garden: celery, carrots, jalapenos, or cilantro. Serve with chips and enjoy!


Amanda is a toddler-chasing, coffee drinking, fashion boot-wearing, Fit-bit addicted, Jesus-loving, wife and mom to 6 small children. She spends her free time absorbed in fashion and tattoos, watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Googling, attempting clean eating, all while spreading autism awareness, encouraging adoption and foster care, championing the underdog, and of course, juicing. Amanda loves serving as pastor of Streams of Grace Church, blogging, and teaching piano lessons . She holds a Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, a Bachelor of Arts in Church Music from Eastern University, and a cosmetology license from Metro Beauty Academy. Her favorite places to be are the local zoo, the church piano bench, Facebook, and anywhere her family is.