imageI don’t want to just get by in this life.

I want to savor it, run full force into it. I want to play it, dance it, love it, share it. But it feels like I’m simultaneously running and limping, scrambling through the triathlon with a flat tire and too few friends to cheer me on.

I don’t think I chose the easy path.

At times, I did, and the emptiness of easier sent me clamoring back to the life that burns me up and out, wears me down, but fulfills me. This is what I’ve chosen, that life of a woman striving to be pastor and worship leader, and wife, and mom, and finding my place each and every day as I navigate these ways of foster care, adoption, ministry, special needs, marriage, and most importantly, God’s love.

I hope you’ll join me as I look to find the awe and wonder in each and every day, as I seek God’s grace, and learn to bask in His love and reflect it onto others.

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